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Scrolf - The Ultimate Live Leaderborad for your Golf Tournament

Article by: Billy Satterfield

For over a decade I've organized a Ryder Cup style event known as the Hiskey Cup that involves pitting two teams of 30 players each against one another in a variety of match play formats. It is the end of the season finale to a golf league I run and is the highlight of the year for many of the golfers. Over the years we've done a variety of things to up the ante on making the event a more engaging attraction including getting team shirts and hats, expanding the field, and playing at great venues, but the thing that truly took our event to the next level was Scrolf.

Every fan of golf has imagined what it would be like to play in a U.S. Open or Ryder Cup. If you've every played with a caddie carrying your bag you can't help but get a taste of what it is like being a PGA Tour player. With Scrolf, it gave our event that "big time" feel with a live leaderboard available right at your fingertips. Having live scoring keeps everyone in the event engaged with what is going on and especially adds excitement down the final stretch of holes as the drama unfolds. Just like the score ticker that goes along the bottom of every ESPN broadcast, everyone loves to stay up to date with what is going on and Scrolf does it better than anyone when it comes to golf.

Not only does Scrolf provide live scoring for traditional stroke play formats, our group has especially loved the match play options that allow us to have singles matches, foursomes matches, four-ball matches, and more. The customizable setup allows you to assign a point for winning the front nine, the back nine, and/or the full 18. For stroke play, you can opt for stableford scoring, skins games, handicapping, flights, and more. Scrolf is customizable to accommodate virtually any tournament that you've been put in charge for and it is destined to be a hit with everyone. Below is a snapshot of the leaderboard from one of our events.

Afternoon leaderboard from the 2017 Hiskey Cup

Lastly, everyone in our group loved that there wasn't an app to download. With Scrolf you simply use your phone to access their website and you can start entering scores. And not everyone has to do it; as long as there is one guy in the foursome entering scores for the group, everyone in the tournament can track the results live as they unfold. Over the years I've thought about different ways a live scoreboard could be implemented into the Hiskey Cup or other events I've been in charge of or played in, but after discovering Scrolf I knew I didn't need to waste anymore time or effort figuring it out because Scrolf already nailed it.

If you are in charge of a tournament, whether it is a corporate outing, a scramble fundraiser, or a serious amateur event, Scrolf gets my unequivocal endorsement as the perfect way to separate your event from all the others. Check out their demo here to see just how easy Scrolf is to use and how well it can be customized to your event. You can also reach their support staff at if you have any questions or need any help getting set up.

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