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The rankings section contains a variety of list ranking from the Guru's personal rankings of courses and holes to national publication rankings.

The Guru's Rankings

  • GOLF COURSE GURUS' Top 100 Golf Courses:  The Head Golf Golf Guru's (Billy) Top 100 rankings of the courses he has personally played to date. Do you agree with the Guru? (Updated: July 2017)
  • GOLF COURSE GURUS' Top 100 Public Golf Courses:  Billy's list of the Top 100 Public courses he has played. When you don't have access to private courses; this is the list you need. (Updated: April 2017)
  • Top 100 Golf Holes:  The Guru's favorite signature holes, difficult holes, and flat out stunning holes. The list consists of 33 par 3s, 34 par 4s, and 33 par 5s that Bill has played. (Updated: November 2016)
  • Best Holes by an Architect:  Every golf course architect has designed some great holes, as well as some duds. This list features a dozen of the game's biggest names in golf course design and lists their best holes, limited to those Bill has played to date. (Updated: October 2013)
  • Best in State Course Rankings:  Whether it is seeing courses in your own state or trying to figure out where to play on a golf trip, these lists are the Guru's favorite courses visited state-by-state. (Updated: November 2016)
  • Best in State Hole Rankings:  Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals are awarded to the best par 3s, 4s, and 5s of each state. The holes impressed the Guru the most when he tee it up. (Updated: November 2016)

The Guru's Lists

  • 36 Hole Days:  Few things are better than playing golf all day. Here is a list the best 36 holes days that the Guru's have participated in. (Updated: December 2016)
  • Chicks Dig the Long Ball:  The title of this group of lists comes from the classic Nike commercial featuring Atlanta Braves pitching legends Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine working out in order to hit homeruns. This collection of lists include the longest courses and holes the Gurus have played along with the most difficult ratings and slopes. (Updated: October 2016)
  • Guru Statistics:  Random lists that give to some insight to some of the head Golf Course Guru's travels. Lists include number of courses played in each state, by each architect, and by year designed. (Updated: November 2016)
  • Overrated and Underrated:  "Don't believe the hype" is a phrase made famous by Public Enemy and something every golfer has fallen victim to. Here is the Guru's most overrated and underrated courses in comparison to national magazine rankings. (Updated: February 2016)
  • The 18:  Have you ever wanted to take the best holes from your favorite courses and combine them into one mega course? Well "The 18" is just that; a variety of fantasy course lists from the greatest 18, to the toughest 18, to the most affordable 18 and more. (Updated: January 2017)

National Rankings

  • GOLF Magazine Top 100 Golf Courses:  Ranked by a panel headed by Joe Passov, Golf Magazine's list of the 100 finest courses in America. (September 2015 - September 2017)
  • GOLF Magazine Top 100 Public Golf Courses:  The top 100 courses you can play, Golf Magazine's finest public-access courses in the country. (August 2016 - July 2018)
  • GOLF DIGEST Top 100 Golf Courses:  Golf Digest owns the distinction of having the oldest (est. 1966) and most most commonly referred to rankings on the planet. (January 2017 - December 2018)
  • GOLF DIGEST Top 100 Public Golf Courses:  The list that Joe Q. Public relishes, Golf Digest's Top 100 public access courses in the country. (May 2017 - April 2018)
  • The Doak Scale:  The 1-10 course rating scale developed by one of the game's finest modern day architects.

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The best golf hole on earth; #16 at Cypress Point
The best golf hole on earth; #16 at Cypress Point

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