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Golf Digest's Second 100 Greatest Golf Courses in America

For the first time in 2013, Golf Digest has published their Second 100 Greatest Golf Courses in America to give recognition to those courses that just fall outside the Top 100. Below is their current list with an * marking the public access courses. Courses in BOLD have been played by Billy and a review written; a total of 68 so far. Courses in italics are scheduled to played this year.

Courses 101-110

  1. CROOKED STICK GOLF CLUB (Pete Dye and Alice Dye 1964, Carmel, IN)
  2. EASTWARD HO! COUNTRY CLUB (Herbert Fowler 1922/Keith Foster 2007, Chatham, MA)
  3. THE PRESERVE GOLF CLUB (Tom Fazio, J. Michael Poellot, and Sandy Tatum 2000, Carmel, CA)
  4. Yeamans Hall Club (Seth Raynor and Charles Banks 1926, Charleston, SC)
  5. THE OLDE FARM (Bobby Weed 2000, Bristol, VA)
  6. BALTIMORE COUNTRY CLUB (EAST) (A.W. Tillinghast 1926/Keith Foster 2015, Lutherville, MD)
  7. Double Eagle Club (Tom Weiskopf and Jay Morrish 1992, Galena, OH)
  8. RICH HARVEST LINKS (Jerry Rich and Greg Martin 1999, Sugar Grove, IL)
  9. Jupiter Hills Club (Hills) (George Fazio 1970/Tom Fazio 2014, Tequesta, FL)
  10. KINGSLEY CLUB (Mike DeVries 2001, Kingsley, MI)
1st Hole at The Pete Dye Course at French Lick
1st Hole at The Pete Dye Course at French Lick

Courses 111-120

  1. Mountaintop Golf and Lake Club (Tom Fazio 2006, Cashiers, NC)
  2. COLORADO GOLF CLUB (Bill Coore & Ben Crenshaw 2007, Parker, CO)
  3. The Madison Club (Tom Fazio 2006, La Quinta, CA)
  4. EAGLE POINT GOLF CLUB (Tom Fazio 2000, Wilmington, NC)
  5. SHEEP RANCH (Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw 2020, Bandon, OR)*
  6. SAND VALLEY (Bill Coore & Ben Crenshaw 2017, Nekoosa, WI)*
  7. BLACKWOLF RUN (RIVER) (Pete Dye 1990, Kohler, WI)*
  8. THE PETE DYE COURSE AT FRENCH LICK (Pete Dye 2009, French Lick, IN)*
  9. Quail Hollow Club (George Cobb 1961/Tom Fazio 2016, Charlotte, NC)
  10. ROBERT TRENT JONES GOLF CLUB (Robert Trent Jones 1991/Kyle Phillips 2014, Gainesville, VA)
10th Hole at Baltimore Country Club (East)
10th Hole at Baltimore Country Club (East)

Courses 121-130

  1. FOREST HIGHLANDS GOLF CLUB (CANYON) (Jay Morrish & Tom Weiskopf 1988, Flagstaff, AZ)
  2. Stone Eagle Golf Club (Tom Doak 2005, Palm Desert, CA)
  3. LAUREL VALLEY GOLF CLUB (Dick Wilson 1959/Arnold Palmer & Thad Layton 2011 renovation, Ligonier, PA)
  4. Philadelphia Cricket Club (Wissahickon) (A.W. Tillinghast 1922/Keith Foster 2014, Flourtown, PA)
  5. CHAMBERS BAY GOLF CLUB (Robert Trent Jones Jr. 2007, University Place, WA)*
  6. Newport Country Club (William F. Davis 1899/A.W. Tillinghast 1924/Ron Forse 2005, Newport, RI)
  7. STREAMSONG RESORT (RED) (Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw 2012, Streamsong, FL)*
  8. ST. LOUIS COUNTRY CLUB (C.B. Macdonald 1914/Brian Silva 2004, St. Louis, MO)
  9. THE CREEK CLUB (C.B. Macdonald & Seth Raynor 1923/Gil Hanse & George Bahto 2011, Locust Valley, NY)
  10. SHOAL CREEK (Jack Nicklaus 1977/Jack Nicklaus & Jim Lipe 2016, Shoak Creek, AL)
9th Hole at Forest Highlands Golf Club (Canyon)
9th Hole at Forest Highlands Golf Club (Canyon)

Courses 131-140

  1. CLEAR CREEK TAHOE (Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw 2009, Carson City, NV)
  2. FLINT HILLS NATIONAL GOLF CLUB (Tom Fazio 1997, Andover, KS)
  3. THE CONCESSION GOLF CLUB (Jack Nicklaus & Tony Jacklin 2006, Bradenton, FL)
  4. Martis Camp Golf Club (Tom Fazio 2008, Truckee, CA)
  5. Bel-Air Country Club (George C. Thomas Jr. & William F. Bell 1926/Tom Doak 2018, Los Angeles, CA)
  6. SYCAMORE HILLS GOLF CLUB (Jack Nicklaus 1989/Jack Nicklaus 2014)
  7. MAYACAMA GOLF CLUB (Jack Nicklaus 2001, Santa Rosa, CA)
  8. HAZELTINE NATIONAL (Robert Trent Jones 1962/Rees Jones 2010, Chaska, MN)
  9. BLUEJACK NATIONAL (Tiger Woods & Beauf Welling 2016, Montgomery, TX)
  10. MANELE GOLF COURSE (Jack Nicklaus 1993, Lanai City, HI)*
9th Hole at Robert Trent Jones Golf Club
9th Hole at Robert Trent Jones Golf Club

Courses 141-150

  1. THE CLUB AT BLACK ROCK (Jim Engh 2003, Coeur d'Alene, ID)
  2. The Dye Course at White Oak (Pete Dye and Allan MacCurrach 2020, Yulee, FL)
  3. Whisper Rock Golf Club (Upper) (Tom Fazio 2005, Scottsdale, AZ)
  4. BLESSINGS GOLF CLUB (Robert Trent Jones II 2004, Fayetteville, AR)
  5. FOX CHAPEL GOLF CLUB (Seth Raynor & Charles Banks 1925/Brian Silva 1997, Pittsburgh, PA)
  6. MORAINE COUNTRY CLUB (Alex Campbell 1930/Keith Foster 2015, Dayton, OH)
  7. ALDARRA GOLF CLUB (Tom Fazio 2001, Sammamish, WA)
  8. ATLANTA ATHLETIC CLUB (HIGHLANDS) (Robert Trent Jones 1967/Joseph S. Finger 1971/Rees Jones 2016)
  9. KAPALUA RESORT (PLANTATION) (Ben Crenshaw and Bill Coore 1991, Kapalua, Maui, HI)*
  10. EAST LAKE GOLF CLUB (Donald Ross 1915/Rees Jones 2015, Atlanta, GA)
Bayonne Golf Club
Bayonne Golf Club

Courses 151-160

  1. STREAMSONG RESORT (BLUE) (Tom Doak 2012, Streamsong, FL)*
  2. RIDGEWOOD COUNTRY CLUB (East/West) (A.W. Tillinghast 1929/Gil Hanse 2016, Paramus, NJ)
  3. Sage Valley Golf Club (Tom Fazio 2001, Graniteville, SC)
  4. Grandfather Golf and Country Club (Ellis Maples 1967/Bobby Weed 2015, Linville, NC)
  5. THE HIGHLAND COURSE AT PRIMLAND (Donald Steel 2006, Meadows of Dan, VA)*
  6. SHELTER HARBOR GOLF CLUB (Michael Hurdzan & Dana Fry 2005, Charlestown, RI)
  7. CAVES VALLEY GOLF CLUB (Tom Fazio 1991/Tom Fazio 2000, Owings Mills, MD)
  8. MAMMOTH DUNES (David McLay Kidd 2018, Nekoosa, WI)*
  9. Secession Golf Club (Bruce Devlin 1992/Billy Fuller 2012, Beaufort, SC)
  10. HARBOUR TOWN GOLF LINKS (Pete Dye and Jack Nicklaus 1969, Hilton Head Island, SC)*
12th Hole at Fox Chapel Golf Club
12th Hole at Fox Chapel Golf Club

Courses 161-170

  1. SOUTHERN HIGHLANDS GOLF CLUB (Robert Trent Jones Jr. 2000, Las Vegas, NV)
  2. OCEAN FOREST GOLF CLUB (Rees Jones 1995/Rees Jones 2007)
  3. WANNAMOISETT COUNTRY CLUB (Donald Ross 1916/Ron Forse 2008, Rumford, RI)
  4. Old Elm Club (H.S. Colt 1913, Highland Park, IL)
  5. GALLOWAY NATIONAL GOLF CLUB (Tom Fazio 1994/Toom Fazio 2013, Galloway, NJ)
  6. KIAWAH ISLAND CLUB (CASSIQUE) (Tom Watson & Bob Gibbons 2000, Kiawah Island, SC)
  7. The Golf Club of Tennessee (Tom Fazio 1991/Tom Fazio 2008, Kingston Springs, TN)
  8. GLENWILD GOLF CLUB (Tom Fazio 2001, Park City, UT)
  9. BELLERIVE COUNTRY CLUB (Robert Trent Jones 1960/Rees Jones 2014, St. Louis, MO)
  10. Hollywood Golf Club (Walter Travis 1917, Deal, NJ)
14th Hole at The Stone Canyon Club
14th Hole at The Stone Canyon Club

Courses 171-180

  1. PINEHURST RESORT NO.4 (Gil Hanse & Jim Wagner 2019)
  2. SAHALEE COUNTRY CLUB (Ted Robinson 1969/Rees Jones 1995, Sammamish, WA)
  3. The Stanwich Club (William Gordon & David Gordon 1962/Tom Fazio 2017, Greenwich, CT)
  4. Whisper Rock Golf Club (Lower) (Phil Mickelson & Gary Stephenson 2001, Scottsdale, AZ)
  5. ATLANTIC GOLF CLUB (Rees Jones 1992, Bridgehampton, NY)
  6. THE RESERVE AT MOONLIGHT BASIN (Jack Nicklaus 2016, Big Sky, MT)
  7. BAYONNE GOLF CLUB (Eric Bergstol 2006, Bayonne, NJ)
  8. STREAMSONG RESORT (BLACK) (Gil Hanse 2017, Streamsong, FL)*
  9. McArthur Golf Club (Tom Fazio & Nick Price 2002, Hobe Sound, FL)
  10. The Bear's Club (Jack Nicklaus 1999, Jupiter, FL)
Back Nine at Sanctuary
Back Nine at Sanctuary

Courses 181-190

  1. Medalist Golf Club (Pete Dye and Greg Norman 1996, Hobe Sound, FL)
  2. STONE CANYON CLUB (Jay Morrish 2000, Oro Valley, AZ)
  3. GAMBLE SANDS (David McLay Kidd 2014, Brewster, WA)*
  4. COLONIAL COUNTRY CLUB (Perry Maxwell 1936/Keith Foster 2008)
  5. DISMAL RIVER CLUB (RED) (Tom Doak 2013, Mullen, NE)
  6. KARSTEN CREEK GOLF CLUB (Tom Fazio 1994, Stillwater, OK)
  7. SHERWOOD COUNTRY CLUB (Jack Nicklaus 1989/Jack Nicklaus 2015, Thousand Oaks, CA)
  8. Long Cove Club (Pete Dye & Alice Dye 1982/Bobby Weed 2018, Hilton Head Island, SC)
  9. TRADITION GOLF CLUB (Arnold Palmer, Ed Seay, & Harrison Minchew 1998, La Quinta, CA)
  10. LOST DUNES GOLF CLUB (Tom Doak 1999, Bridgman, MI)
17th Hole at Glenwild Golf Club
17th Hole at Glenwild Golf Club

Courses 191-200

  1. Ballyhack Golf Club (Lester George 2009, Roanoke, VA)
  2. Canterbury Golf Club (Herbert Strong 1922/Bruce Hepner 2016, Beachwood, OH)
  3. Mountain Lake Country Club (Seth Raynor 1921/Ron Prichard 2017, Lake Wales, FL)
  4. Liberty National Golf Club (Bob Cupp & Tom Kite 2006/Bob Cupp, Tom Kite & Steve Wenzloff 2011, Jersey City, NJ)
  5. Charlotte Country Club (Donald Ross 1925/Ron Prichard 2007, Charlotte, NC)
  6. Sankaty Head Golf Club (Emerson Armstrong 1923, Nantucket, MA)
  7. THE HARVESTER CLUB (Keith Foster 2000, Rhodes, IA)
  8. Spring Creek Ranch Golf Club (Jack Nicklaus 2000, Collierville, TN)
  9. TRIBUTARY GOLF CLUB (David McLay Kidd 2009, Driggs, ID)
  10. KIAWAH ISLAND CLUB (RIVER)(Tom Fazio 1995, Kiawah Island, SC)
15th Hole at Forest Creek Golf Club (North)
15th Hole at Forest Creek Golf Club (North)

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