Cypress Point Golf Club

Pebble Beach, California


Guru's Best Holes

The Gurus' favorite holes to tee it up on! These holes are some of the most dramatic, entertaining, and famous holes in golf! This list consists of our 100 favorite individual holes we've played thus far, as they play from the tips, and separated by par. Below is the entire list, but you can also click on each link related to par to see other holes that didn't quite make the cut.

Par 3's

  1.   Cypress Point Golf Club, 222 yard 16th hole (Pebble Beach, CA)
  2.   Trump Turnberry (Ailsa), 248 yard 9th hole (Turnberry, SCT)
  3.   Manele Golf Course, 202 yard 12th hole (Lanai, HI)
  4.   Cabot Cliffs, 176 yard 16th hole (Inverness, NS)
  5.   Mauna Kea Golf Resort, 273 yard 3rd hole (Big Island)
  6.   The Course at Yale, 213 yard 9th hole (New Haven, CT)
  7.   Cypress Point Golf Club, 135 yard 15th hole (Pebble Beach, CA)
  8.   Maidstone Club (West), 148 yard 14th hole (East Hampton, NY)
  9.   Fishers Island Club, 207 yard 5th hole (Fishers Island, NY)
  10.   Mauna Lani Resort (South), 196 yard 15th hole (Big Island, HI)
9th Hole at Trump Turnberry (Ailsa)
9th Hole at Trump Turnberry (Ailsa)
  1.   Coeur d'Alene Resort, 203 yard 14th hole (Coeur d'Alene, ID)
  2.   Whistling Straits (Straits), 249 yard 17th hole (Sheboygan, WI)
  3.   The Ocean Course at Hokuala, 210 yard 14th hole (Kauai, HI)
  4.   Royal County Down Golf Club, 229 yard 4th hole (Newcastle, N.Ireland)
  5.   Streamsong Resort (Blue), 203 yard 7th hole (Streamsong, FL)
  6.   Pine Valley Golf Club, 238 yard 5th hole (Clementon, NJ)
  7.   Sand Hollow Resort (Championship), 230 yard 15th hole (Hurricane, UT)
  8.   Somerset Hills Country Club, 175 yard 2nd hole (Redan) (Bernardsville, NJ)
  9.   Royal Isabella, 200 yard 17th hole (Isabela, PR)
  10.   Tralee Golf Club, 197 yard 16th hole (West Barrow, IE)
14th Hole at Coeur d-Alene Resort
14th Hole at Coeur d-Alene Resort
  1.   Royal Troon Golf Club (Old), 123 yard 8th hole (Troon, SCT)
  2.   Pebble Beach Golf Links, 106 yard 7th hole (Pebble Beach, CA)
  3.   Rock Creek Golf Club Idaho, 236/199 yard 5th hole (Coeur d'Alene, ID)
  4.   Blue Lakes Country Club, 200 yard 6th hole (Twin Falls, ID)
  5.   Creek Club, 200 yard 11th hole (Locust Valley, NY)
  6.   Shinnecock Hills Golf Club, 154 yard 11th hole (Southampton, NY)
  7.   Chambers Bay Golf Course, 246 yard 15th hole (University Place, WA)
  8.   Bandon Preserve, 142 yard 5th hole (Bandon, OR)
  9.   Pronghorn Golf Club (Fazio), 187 yard 8th hole (Bend, OR)
  10.   Streamsong Resort (Red), 208 yard 16th hole (Streamsong, FL)
15th Hole at Chambers Bay Golf Course
15th Hole at Chambers Bay Golf Course
  1.   Makai Golf Club, 213 yard 7th hole (Kauai, HI)
  2.   Old Macdonald, 181 yard 8th hole (Bandon, OR)
  3.   The Club at Ravenna, 240 yard 16th hole (Littleton, CO)
16th Hole at The Club at Ravenna
16th Hole at The Club at Ravenna

Par 4's

  1.   Pebble Beach Golf Links, 416 yard 8th hole (Pebble Beach, CA)
  2.   Manele Golf Course, 444 yard 17th hole (Lanai, HI)
  3.   Maidstone Club (West), 402 yard 9th hole (East Hampton, NY)
  4.   Cypress Point Golf Club, 386 yard 17th hole (Pebble Beach, CA)
  5.   Royal County Down Golf Club, 483 yard 9th hole (Newcastle, N.Ireland)
  6.   Old Head Golf Links, 427 yard 4th hole (Kinsale, IE)
  7.   Ballybunion Golf Club (Old), 473 yard 11th hole (Ballybunion, IE)
  8.   Fishers Island Club, 397 yard 4th hole (Fishers Island, NY)
  9.   National Golf Links of America, 426 yard 3rd hole (Southampton, NY)
  10.   Bandon Dunes, 363 yard 16th hole (Bandon, OR)
17th Hole at Manele Golf Course
17th Hole at Manele Golf Course
  1.   Pine Valley Golf Club, 486 yard 13th hole (Clementon, NJ)
  2.   The Club at Black Rock, 413 yard 11th hole (Coeur d'Alene, ID)
  3.   Pacific Dunes, 444 yard 13th hole (Bandon, OR)
  4.   Ballybunion Golf Club (Old), 434 yard 7th hole (Ballybunion, IE)
  5.   Cabot Cliffs, 331 yard 17th hole (Inverness, NS)
  6.   Royal Dornoch Golf Club (Championship), 417 yard 17th hole (Dornoch, SCT)
  7.   Sunningdale Golf Club (Old), 393 yard 7th hole (Sunningdale)
  8.   Shinnecock Hills Golf Club, 443 yard 9th hole (Southampton, NY)
  9.   Harbour Town Golf Links, 472 yard 18th hole (Hilton Head Island, SC)
  10.   The Country Club, 451 yard 3rd hole (Brookline, MA)
13th Hole at Pacific Dunes
13th Hole at Pacific Dunes
  1.   Congressional Country Club (Blue), 523 yard 18th hole (Bethesda, MD)
  2.   Prairie Dunes Country Club, 468 yard 8th hole (Hutchinson, KS)
  3.   Merion Golf Club, 428 yard 16th hole (Ardmore, PA)
  4.   Cruden Bay Golf Club (Championship), 431 yard 14th hole (Cruden Bay, SCT)
  5.   Medinah Country Club No.3, 482 yard 16th hole (Medinah, IL)
  6.   Kapalua Resort (Plantation), 508 yard 17th hole (Maui, HI)
  7.   Oakmont Country Club, 428 yard 3rd hole (Oakmont, PA)
  8.   The Kirtland Country Club, 515 yard 10th hole (Kirtland< OH)
  9.   Half Moon Bay Resort (Old), 405 yard 18th hole (Half Moon Bay, CA)
  10.   Pacific Dunes Golf Course, 463 yard 4th hole (Bandon, OR)
18th Hole at Half Moon Bay Resort (Old)
18th Hole at Half Moon Bay Resort (Old)
  1.   Sleeping Hollow Country Club, 502 yard 15th hole (Scarborough, NY)
  2.   The European Club, 459 yard 12th hole (Brittas Bay, IE)
  3.   Bayonne Golf Club, 486 yard 16th hole (Bayonne, NJ)
  4.   Sand Hills Golf Club, 485 yard 4th hole (Mullen, NE)
15th Hole at Sleepy Hollow Country Club
15th Hole at Sleepy Hollow Country Club

Par 5's

  1.   Old Head Golf Links, 564 yard 12th hole (Kinsale, IE)
  2.   Pebble Beach Golf Links, 543 yard 18th hole (Pebble Beach, CA)
  3.   Peachtree Golf Club, 584 yard 2nd hole (Atlanta, GA)
  4.   Kingsbarns Golf Links, 606 yard 12th hole (St Andrews, SCT)
  5.   Tralee Golf Club, 584 yard 2nd hole (West Barrow, IE)
  6.   Cabot Cliffs, 540 yard 15th hole (Inverness, NS)
  7.   Bethpage State Park (Black), 517 yard 4th hole (Farmingdale, NY)
  8.   Arcadia Bluffs Golf Club, 583 yard 5th hole (Arcadia, MI)
  9.   Desert Canyon Golf Resort, 690 yard 15th hole (Orondo, WA)
  10.   The Club at Pradera, 594 yard 7th hole (Parker, CO)
12th Hole at Kingsbarns Golf Links
12th Hole at Kingsbarns Golf Links
  1.   The European Club, 596 yard 13th hole (Brittas Bay, IE)
  2.   Cruden Bay Golf Club (Championship), 571 yard 13th hole (Cruden Bay, SCT)
  3.   Pebble Beach Golf Links, 500 yard 6th hole (Pebble Beach, CA)
  4.   Spyglass Hill Golf Course, 595 yard 1st hole (Pebble Beach, CA)
  5.   Lahontan Golf Club, 594 yard 12th hole (Truckee, CA)
  6.   Muirfield Village Golf Club, 567 yard 11th hole (Dublin, OH)
  7.   Walden on Lake Conroe, 582 yard 11th hole (Montgomery, TX)
  8.   The Country Club (Salt Lake), 525 yard 9th hole (Salt Lake City, UT)
  9.   Crystal Downs Country Club, 550 yard 8th hole (Frankfort, MI)
  10.   Shinnecock Hills Golf Club, 544 yard 16th hole (Southampton, NY)
13th Hole at The European Club
13th Hole at The European Club
  1.   Chambers Bay Golf Course, 568 yard 4th hole (University Place, WA)
  2.   The Dunes Golf and Beach Club, 590 yard 13th hole (Myrtle Beach, SC)
  3.   Rich Harvest Farms, 545 yard 9th hole (Sugar Grove, IL)
  4.   The Reserve at Moonlight Basin Ranch, 777 yard 17th hole (Big Sky, MT)
  5.   Potomac Shores Golf Club, 575 yard 10th hole (Dumfries, VA)
  6.   Rock Creek Cattle Company, 632 yard 10th hole (Deer Lodge, MT)
  7.   Erin Hills Golf Club, 609 yard 14th hole (Hartford, WI)
  8.   The Reserve at Moonlight Basin Ranch, 633 yard 6th hole (Big Sky, MT)
  9.   Royal Dornoch Golf Club (Championship), 529 yard 9th hole (Dornoch, SCT)
  10.   Lakota Canyon Ranch Golf Club, 557 yard 18th hole (New Castle, CO)
6th Hole at The Reserve at Moonlight Basin Ranch
6th Hole at The Reserve at Moonlight Basin Ranch
  1.   Dismal River (White), 578 yard 4th hole (Mullen, NE)
  2.   Entrada at Snow Canyon Golf Club, 563 yard 16th hole (St. George, UT)
  3.   Tobacco Road Golf Club, 558 yard 1st hole (Sanford, NC)
16th Hole at Entrada at Snow Canyon
16th Hole at Entrada at Snow Canyon
  • Best Par 3s:  One-shotters should be exhilarating, attractive, and memorable. This collection of par threes embrace all of those qualities while also often delivering interesting greens. These beauties will have you pulling out your camera! (Updated: April 2018)
  • Best Par 4s:  A good two-shotter should feature a cool tee shot or an interesting approach shot; the great par fours with have both. These holes will often give the golfer the option of being more daring off the tee in order inherit a better approach shot or angle. (Updated: April 2018)
  • Best Par 5s:  Options, options, options. The best par fives generally provide a risk/reward option of reaching the green in two and can do so with hazards, a dual fairway, or other strategies. Three-shot par fives should embrace and reflect the terrain upon which they are built and deliver an exciting tee shot. (Updated: April 2018)
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