Royal Isabela

Isabela, Puerto Rico


Guru's Best Holes

Par 3s are generally the most memorable holes on a golf course. This collection features the Gurus' favorite one-shotters they've played to date. They are some of the most famous holes in America and the top 33 are represented on the Gurus' Top 100 golf holes.

Par 3's

  1.   Cypress Point Golf Club, 222 yard 16th hole (Pebble Beach, CA)
  2.   Trump Turnberry (Ailsa), 248 yard 9th hole (Turnberry, SCT)
  3.   Manele Golf Course, 202 yard 12th hole (Lanai, HI)
  4.   Cabot Cliffs, 176 yard 16th hole (Inverness, NS)
  5.   Mauna Kea Golf Resort, 273 yard 3rd hole (Big Island)
  6.   The Course at Yale, 213 yard 9th hole (New Haven, CT)
  7.   Cypress Point Golf Club, 135 yard 15th hole (Pebble Beach, CA)
  8.   Maidstone Club (West), 148 yard 14th hole (East Hampton, NY)
  9.   Fishers Island Club, 207 yard 5th hole (Fishers Island, NY)
  10.   Mauna Lani Resort (South), 196 yard 15th hole (Big Island, HI)
9th Hole at Trump Turnberry (Ailsa)
9th Hole at Trump Turnberry (Ailsa)
  1.   Coeur d'Alene Resort, 203 yard 14th hole (Coeur d'Alene, ID)
  2.   Whistling Straits (Straits), 249 yard 17th hole (Sheboygan, WI)
  3.   The Ocean Course at Hokuala, 210 yard 14th hole (Kauai, HI)
  4.   Royal County Down Golf Club, 229 yard 4th hole (Newcastle, N.Ireland)
  5.   Streamsong Resort (Blue), 203 yard 7th hole (Streamsong, FL)
  6.   Pine Valley Golf Club, 238 yard 5th hole (Clementon, NJ)
  7.   Sand Hollow Resort (Championship), 230 yard 15th hole (Hurricane, UT)
  8.   Somerset Hills Country Club, 175 yard 2nd hole (Redan) (Bernardsville, NJ)
  9.   Royal Isabella, 200 yard 17th hole (Isabela, PR)
  10.   Tralee Golf Club, 197 yard 16th hole (West Barrow, IE)
14th Hole at Coeur d-Alene Resort
14th Hole at Coeur d-Alene Resort
  1.   Royal Troon Golf Club (Old), 123 yard 8th hole (Troon, SCT)
  2.   Pebble Beach Golf Links, 106 yard 7th hole (Pebble Beach, CA)
  3.   Rock Creek Golf Club Idaho, 236/199 yard 5th hole (Coeur d'Alene, ID)
  4.   Blue Lakes Country Club, 200 yard 6th hole (Twin Falls, ID)
  5.   Creek Club, 200 yard 11th hole (Locust Valley, NY)
  6.   Shinnecock Hills Golf Club, 154 yard 11th hole (Southampton, NY)
  7.   Chambers Bay Golf Course, 246 yard 15th hole (University Place, WA)
  8.   Bandon Preserve, 142 yard 5th hole (Bandon, OR)
  9.   Pronghorn Golf Club (Fazio), 187 yard 8th hole (Bend, OR)
  10.   Streamsong Resort (Red), 208 yard 16th hole (Streamsong, FL)
15th Hole at Chambers Bay Golf Course
15th Hole at Chambers Bay Golf Course
  1.   Makai Golf Club, 213 yard 7th hole (Kauai, HI)
  2.   Old Macdonald, 181 yard 8th hole (Bandon, OR)
  3.   The Club at Ravenna, 240 yard 16th hole (Littleton, CO)
  4.   St Andrews Golf Links (Castle), 184 yard 17th hole (St Andrews, SCT)
  5.   Merion Golf Club, 220 yard 17th hole (Ardmore, PA)
  6.   Royal Portrush, 210 yard 14th hole (Portrush, N.Ireland)
  7.   Redlands Mesa Golf Club, 218 yard 17th hole (Grand Junction, CO)
  8.   National Golf Links of America, 195 yard 4th hole (Redan) (Southampton, NY)
  9.   Shadow Creek Golf Club, 164 yard 17th hole (North Las Vegas, NV)
  10.   Bandon Trails, 133 yard 5th hole (Bandon, OR)
16th Hole at The Club at Ravenna
16th Hole at The Club at Ravenna
  1.   The Prairie Club (Dunes), 145 yard 4th hole (Valentine, NE)
  2.   Robert Trent Jones Club, 200 yard 9th hole (Gainesville, VA)
  3.   Whispering Pines Golf Club, 178 yard 15th hole (Trinity, TX)
  4.   Sunningdale Golf Club (Old), 156 yard 4th hole (Sunningdale, ENG)
  5.   Winged Foot Golf Club (East), 146 yard 13th hole (Mamaroneck, NY)
  6.   Pacific Dunes, 148 yard 11th hole (Bandon, OR)
  7.   Kingsley Club, 225 yard 16th hole (Kingsley, MI)
  8.   Maidstone Club (West), 151 yard 8th hole (East Hampton, NY)
  9.   Kittansett Club, 167 yard 3rd hole (Marion, MA)
  10.   Fox Chapel Golf Club, 190 yard 6th hole (Pittsburgh, PA)
9th Hole at Robert Trent Jones Club
9th Hole at Robert Trent Jones Club
  1.   Lahinch Golf Club, 154 yard 5th hole (Lahinch, IE)
  2.   Sleepy Hollow Country Club, 155 yard 16th hole (Scarborough, NY)
  3.   Bandon Dunes, 161 yard 6th hole (Bandon, OR)
  4.   Apple Tree Resort, 180 yard 17th hole (Yakima, WA)
  5.   Atlanta Country Club, 153 yard 13th hole (Marietta, GA)
  6.   Congressional Country Club (Gold), 204 yard 18th hole (Bethesda, MD)
  7.   Bandon Dunes, 163 yard 15th hole (Bandon, OR)
  8.   Muirfield Village Golf Club, 184 yard 12th hole (Dublin, OH)
  9.   Tidewater Golf Club, 160 yard 3rd hole (North Myrtle Beach, SC)
  10.   Shadow Creek Golf Club, 232 yard 13th hole (North Las Vegas, NV)
6th Hole at Bandon Dunes
6th Hole at Bandon Dunes
  1.   Medinah Country Club No.3, 245 yard 13th hole (Medinah, IL)
  2.   Tidewater Golf Club, 189 yard 12th hole (North Myrtle Beach, SC)
  3.   Thanksgiving Point Golf Club, 250 yard 17th hole (Lehi, UT)
  4.   Waterville Golf Links, 194 yard 17th hole (Waterville, IE)
  5.   Fox Chapel Golf Club, 231 yard 17th hole (Pittsburgh, PA)
  6.   Riviera Country Club, 199 yard 6th hole (Pacific Palisades, CA)
  7.   Congressional Country Club (Blue), 218 yard 10th hole (Bethesda, MD)
  8.   Robert Trent Jones Club, 215 yard 11th hole (Gainesville, VA)
  9.   Shoreacres, 133 yard 12th hole (Lake Bluff, IL)
  10.   Milwaukee Country Club, 190 yard 12th hole (River Hills, WI)
17th Hole at Waterville Golf Links
17th Hole at Waterville Golf Links
  1.   Winged Foot Golf Club (West), 190 yard 10th hole (Mamaroneck, NY)
  2.   Dismal River (White), 190 yard 10th hole (Mullen, NE)
10th Hole at Winged Foot Golf Club (West)
10th Hole at Winged Foot Golf Club (West)

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