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Golfweek's Second 100 Greatest Modern Golf Courses in America

With over 15,000 golf courses in America, how can you limit yourself to just the Top 100? Golfweek takes it a step further with their Top 200 Modern Golf Courses in America list which includes courses built before 1960. Courses with an * are marking the public access courses. Courses in BOLD have been played by Billy and a review written; a total of 24 so far. Courses in italics are scheduled to played this year.

Courses 101-110

  1. Country Club of Fairfield (Seth Raynor 1914/A.W. Tillinghast 1925, Fairfield, CT)
  2. COUNTRY CLUB OF BIRMINGHAM (WEST) (Donald Ross 1925 with renovations by Robert Trent Jones and Pete Dye, Birmingham, AL)
  3. COLONIAL COUNTRY CLUB (John Bredemus 1935/Perry Maxwell 1940, Fort Worth, TX)
  4. NCR COUNTRY CLUB (SOUTH) (Dick Wilson 1954, Kettering, OH)
  5. WHIPPOORWILL CLUB (Charles Banks and Donald Ross 1928, Armonk, NY)
  6. HOLSTON HILLS COUNTRY CLUB (Donald Ross 1928, Knoxville, TN)
  7. OMAHA COUNTRY CLUB (William Langford & Theodore Moreau 1927, Perry Maxwell and Keith Foster renovations, Omaha, NE)
  8. Mountain Ridge Country Club (Donald Ross 1931, West Caldwell, NJ)
  9. Wykagyl Country Club (Donald Ross 1919 and A.W. Tillinghast, New Rochelle, NY)
  10. The Country Club (William Fly and Howard Toomey 1930, Pepper Pike, OH)
1st Hole at The Pete Dye Course at French Lick
1st Hole at The Pete Dye Course at French Lick

Courses 111-120

  1. Palmetto Golf Club (Herbert Leeds 1892, Alister MacKenzie renovation, Aiken, SC)
  2. TORREY PINES GOLF COURSE (SOUTH) (William F. Bell 1957, Rees Jones renovations)*
  3. Essex County Country Club (Seth Raynor and Charles Banks 1928, West Orange, NJ)
  4. Deepdale Golf Club (Dick Wilson 1955, Manhasset, NY)
  5. Meadow Brook Club (Dick Wilson 1955, Jericho, NY)
  6. Biltmore Forest Country Club(Donald Ross 1922, Asheville, NC)
  7. Gulph Mills Golf Club (Donald Ross 1919, King of Prussia, PA)
  8. Huntingdon Valley Country Club (William Flynn & Howard Toomey, Huntingdon Valley, PA)
  9. Winchester Country Club (Alexander Findlay 1903, Donald Ross renovation, Winchester, MA)
  10. Westchester Country Club (West) (Walter Travis 1922, Rees Jones and Ken Dye and Tom Fazio renovations, Rye, NY)
10th Hole at Baltimore Country Club (East)
10th Hole at Baltimore Country Club (East)

Courses 121-130

  1. Wilshire Country Club (Norman Macbeth 1919, Los Angeles, CA)
  2. Waverley Country Club (Jack Moffat 1898, H. Chadler Egan and Gil Hanse renovations, Portland OR)
  3. OAK HILL COUNTRY CLUB (WEST) (Donald Ross 1926, Rochester, NY)
  4. MID PINES RESORT (Donald Ross 1921, Kyle Franz renovation, Southern Pines, NC)*
  5. Rolling Green Golf Club (William Flynn & Howard Toomey 1926, Springfield, PA)
  6. Meadowbrook Country Club (Willie Park Jr. 1916, Northville, MI)
  7. Century Country Club (Charles Alison and Harry Colt 1926, Purchase, NY)
  8. Indianwood Country Club (Old) (Walter J. Travis/John Duncan Dunn 1927, Manchester, VT)
  9. BLUE MOUND COUNTRY CLUB (Seth Raynor 1926, Wauwatosa, WI)
  10. Tamarack Country Club (Charles Banks 1929, Greenwich, CT)
9th Hole at Forest Highlands Golf Club (Canyon)
9th Hole at Forest Highlands Golf Club (Canyon)

Courses 131-140

  1. Taconic Golf Club (Wayne Stiles and John van Kleek 1927, Williamstown, MA)
  2. PHILADELPHIA COUNTRY CLUB (William Flynn and Howard Toomey 1927, Gladwyne, PA)
  3. Worcester Country Club (Donald Ross 1914, Worcester, MA)
  4. THE GREENBRIER (OLD WHITE) (Charles Blair Macdonald and Seth Raynor 1914, White Sulphur Springs, WV)*
  5. Saucon Valley Country Club (Old) (Herbert Strong and William Gordon 1921, Perry Maxwell renovation, Bethlehem, PA)
  6. Longue Vue Club (Robert White and A.W. Tillinghast 1923, Verona, PA)
  7. Pittsburgh Field Club (Alex Findlay 1913, Pittsburgh, PA)
  8. CAPE FEAR COUNTRY CLUB (Donald Ross 1926, Wilmington, NC)
  9. Rancho Sante Fe Golf Club (Max Behr 1929, Rancho Sante Fe, CA)
  10. Southampton Golf Club (Seth Raynor 1926, Southampton, NY)
9th Hole at Robert Trent Jones Golf Club
9th Hole at Robert Trent Jones Golf Club

Courses 141-150

  1. Manufacturers Golf and Country Club (William Flynn and Howard Toomey 1925, Fort Washington, PA)
  2. Lehigh Country Club (William Flynn and Howard Toomey 1928, Allentown, PA)
  3. Country Club of Charleston (Seth Raynor 1923, Charleston, SC)
  4. HYANNISPORT CLUB (Alex Findlay 1903, Donald Ross renovation, Hyannis Port, MA)
  5. Vesper Country Club (Donald Ross 1921, Tyngsborough, MA)
  6. THE DUNES GOLF & BEACH CLUB (Robert Trent Jones Sr. 1949, Myrtle Beach, SC)*
  7. Sands Point Golf Club (A.W. Tillinghast 1928, Sands Point, NY)
  8. Sunnehanna Country Club (A.W. Tillinghast 1923, Johnstown, PA)
  9. Westhampton Country Club (Seth Raynor 1916, Westhampton Beach, NY)
  10. Allegheny Country Club (Tom Bendelow 1902, Donald Ross renovation, Sewickly, PA)
Bayonne Golf Club
Bayonne Golf Club

Courses 151-160

  1. PINE NEEDLES RESORT (Donald Ross 1927, Southern Pines, NC)*
  2. Charles River Country Club (Donald Ross 1921, Newton Centre, MA)
  3. Barton Hills Country Club (Donald Ross 1922, Ann Arbor, MI)
  4. Round Hill Country Club (Walter Travis 1922, Greenwich, CT)
  5. Leatherstocking Golf Course (Devereux Emmet 1909, Cooperstown, NY)*
  6. Olympia Fields Country Club (South) (Tom Bendelow 1916, Olympia Fields, IL)
  7. Firestone Country Club (South) (W.H. Way 1929, Akron, OH)*
  8. Orchard lake Country Club (Charles Alison and Harry Colt 1926, Orchard Lake, MI)
  9. Longmeadow Country Club (Donald Ross 1924, Longmeadow, MA)
  10. Country Club of Florida (Robert Bruce Harris 1956, Village of Golf, FL)
12th Hole at Fox Chapel Golf Club
12th Hole at Fox Chapel Golf Club

Courses 161-170

  1. LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN CLUB (Seth Raynor and Charles Banks 1925, Lookout Mountain, GA)
  2. Northland Country Club (Donald Ross 1927, Duluth, MN)
  3. Wee Burn Country Club (Devereux Emmet 1925, Darien, CT)
  4. Linville Golf Club (Donald Ross 1924, Linville, NC)
  5. Metropolis Country Club (Herbert Strong 1904, White Plains, NY)
  6. Timuquana Country Club (Donald Ross 1923, Jacksonville, FL)
  7. ATLANTIC CITY COUNTRY CLUB (John Reid 1898, William Flynn and Willie Park Jr. and Howard Toomey and Tom Doak renovations, Northfield, NJ)
  8. Siwanoy Country Club (Donald Ross 1914, Bronxville, NY)
  9. Forsgate Country Club (Banks) (Charles Banks 1931, Monroe Township, NJ)
  10. Onwentsia Club (Charles Blair Macdonald, H.J. Whigham, James Foulis, Robert Foulis, and H.J. Tweedie 1895, Lake Forest, IL)
14th Hole at The Stone Canyon Club
14th Hole at The Stone Canyon Club

Courses 171-180

  1. Kickerbocker Country Club (Donald Ross 1915, Tenafly, NJ)
  2. Brae Burn Country Club (Donald Ross 1912, West Newton, MA)
  3. JIMMIE AUSTIN GOLF CLUB AT THE UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA (Perry Maxwell 1951, Bob Cupp and Tripp Davis renovations, Norman, OK)*
  4. Hackensack Golf Club (Charles Banks 1924, Oradell, NJ)
  5. Oak Hills Country Club (A.W. Tillinghast 1922, San Antonio, TX)
  6. COLUMBIA COUNTRY CLUB (Walter Travis and Herbert Barker 1911, Chevy Chase, MD)
  7. Bob O'Link Golf Club (Donald Ross and Charles Alison 1916, Highland Park, IL)
  8. Lake Merced Golf and Country Club (William Locke, Alister MacKenzie, Robert Hunter 1923, Daly City, CA)
  9. Chattanooga Golf and Country Club (Donald Ross 1920, Chattanooga, TN)
  10. Sedgefield Country Club (Donald Ross 1926, Greensboro, NC)
Back Nine at Sanctuary
Back Nine at Sanctuary

Courses 181-190

  1. Teugega Country Club (Donald Ross 1920, Rome, NY)
  2. CHAMPIONS GOLF CLUB (CYPRESS CREEK) (Ralph Plummer 1959, Houston, TX)
  3. Medinah Country Club (No. 1) (Tom Bendelow 1925, Tom Doak renovation, Medinah, IL)
  4. Rockaway Hunting Club (Tom Bendelow, Devereux Emmet, A.W. Tillinghast 1917, Cedarhurst, NY)
  5. Shuttle Meadow Country Club (Willie Park Jr. 1916, Kensington, CT)
  6. THE BROADMOOR (EAST) (Donald Ross 1918, Robert Trent Jones Sr. renovation, Colorado Springs, CO)*
  7. Flossmoor Golf Club (H.J. Tweedie, Harry Collis, and Ray Hearn 1899, Flossmoor, IL)
  8. Engineers Country Club (Herbert Strong, Devereux Emmet, and Frank Duane 1918, Roslyn Harbor, NY)
  9. Sunningdale Country Club (Seth Raynor, A.W. Tillinghast, Walter Travis 1918, Scarsdale, NY)
  10. Woodway Country Club (Willie Park Jr. 1918, Darien, CT)
17th Hole at Glenwild Golf Club
17th Hole at Glenwild Golf Club

Courses 191-200

  1. Sakonnet Golf Club (Doanld Ross 1921, Little Compton, RI)
  2. Country Club of Waterbury (Donald Ross 1928, Waterbury, CT)
  3. Point O'Woods (Robert Trent Jones Sr. 1958, Benton Harbor, MI)
  4. BELVEDERE GOLF CLUB (William Watson 1927, Charlevoix, MI)*
  5. Columbus Country Club (Tom Bendelow and Donald Ross 1907, Columbus, OH)
  6. Boothbay Harbor Country Club (Wayne Stiles and John van Kleek 1921, Boothbay, ME)
  7. Carolina Golf Club (Donald Ross 1929, Charlotte, NC)
  8. PINE HILLS COUNTRY CLUB (Harry Smead 1928, Sheboygan, WI)
  9. Country Club of York (Donald Ross 1928, York, PA)
  10. New Haven Country Club (Willie Park Jr. 1898, Hamden, CT)
15th Hole at Forest Creek Golf Club (North)
15th Hole at Forest Creek Golf Club (North)

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