Pine Valley Golf Club

Clementon, New Jersey


Guru's Longest Holes and Tougest Courses

How many times have you snickered on the tee box when someone steps up to the tee marker and says, "Is this a par five?" when it is actually a 400 yard par four? It happens a lot, but no one will be snickering on the tee of these challenging holes. They are the definition of 1/2 par holes and are some of the longest in the country. Also featured are the longest courses by total yardage as well as the most difficult in relation to slope and rating.

  • Longest Par 3s:  When you walk up to a par three you always figure you'll be leaving the driver in the bag. These 25 one-shot brutes will change your mind and will have you pulling off the head cover. (Updated: April 2018)
  • Longest Par 4s:  There is no laying up off the tee box on these lengthy two-shotters. Many of these 25 holes measure longer than some of the par 5s on the same course. (Updated: April 2018)
  • Longest Par 5s:  Reach it in two? Only if you're Tiger Woods or John Daly! These 25 monsters will put the ultimate test on your distance and accuracy if your going to score birdie here. (Updated: April 2018)
  • Longest Courses:  Don't even think about pulling out your wedge unless it is for some work around the green because these course require long irons and fairway woods into a lot of the holes. These 25 courses are not for those of you that bunt it off the tee box, these are for the "grip it and rip it" players! (Updated: April 2018)
  • Most Difficult Rating:  The greatest measure of how difficult a course is for a scratch player is the rating assigned to it by that particular course's state golf association. Consistency varies from state to state but overall the rating is a good indicator of what you are up against for the day. It is also the biggest factor in the handicap index formula and is most heavily influenced by total yardage on the course. These are the 25 courses with the highest difficulty rating. (Updated: April 2018)
  • Most Difficult Slope:  If you are a bogey golfer this is the number that you hate seeing get high. The average slope across the country is 113 and the highest possible slope is 155. Slope is a function of the "bogey rating" and is more heavily influenced by the amount of trouble (hazards, o.b., etc.) on the course than the rating number is. These are the 25 courses with the highest slope. (Updated: April 2018)
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