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Gurus' 25 Longest Par 4s

You would think that at these lengths that this collection of par 4s would all play downhill; that thought would be wrong. Many of these holes play straight up and some even play uphill! They may look and feel like par fives, but these two-shot brutes are the toughest par 4s you'll ever likely cross paths with.

  1.   Pasadera Country Club, 562 yard 15th hole (Monterey, CA)
  2.   Red Sky Golf Club (Norman), 559 yard 9th hole (Wolcott, CO)
  3.   Rock Creek Cattle Company, 548 yard 14th hole (Deer Lodge, MT)
  4.   Promontory Golf Club (Painted Valley - Nicklaus), 536 yard 10th hole (Park City, UT)
  5.   Tuhaye Golf Club, 534 yard 13th hole (Kamas, UT)
  6.   French Lick Resort (Dye), 532 yard 9th hole (French Lick, IN)
  7.   French Lick Resort (Dye), 529 yard 12th hole (French Lick, IN)
  8.   Rich Harvest Farms, 525 yard 6th hole (Sugar Grove, IL)
  9.   Congressional Country Club (Blue), 523 yard 18th hole (Bethesda, MD)
  10.   3 Creek Ranch Golf Club, 521 yard 5th hole (Jackson, WY)
18th hole at Congressional Country Club (Blue) (Bethesda, MD)
18th hole at Congressional Country Club (Blue) (Bethesda, MD)
  1.   Desert Mountain (Renegade), 521 yard 13th hole (Desert Mountain, AZ)
  2.   Victory Ranch Golf Club, 520 yard 18th hole (Woodland, UT)
  3.   Kapalua Resort (Plantation), 520 yard 1st hole (Maui, HI)
  4.   University of New Mexico Championship Course, 520 yard 10th hole (Albuquerque, NM)
  5.   French Lick Resort (Dye), 519 yard 1st hole (French Lick, IN)
  6.   Yellowstone Club, 519 yard 1st hole (Big Sky, MT)
  7.   French Lick Resort (Dye), 518 yard 17th hole (French Lick, IN)
  8.   Glenwild Golf Club, 518 yard 18th hole (Park City, UT)
  9.   Tuhaye Golf Club, 518 yard 12th hole (Kamas, UT)
  10.   Headwaters at Teton Springs, 517 yard 8th hole (Victor, ID)
18th hole at Victory Ranch Golf Club (Woodland, UT)
18th hole at Victory Ranch Golf Club (Woodland, UT)
  1.   Kapalua Resort (Plantation), 516 yard 7th hole (Maui, HI)
  2.   Dismal River (White), 515 yard 14th hole (Mullen, NE)
  3.   Pronghorn Golf Club (Fazio), 515 yard 15th hole (Bend, OR)
  4.   Rochelle Ranch Golf Course, 515 yard 12th hole (Rawlins, WY)
  5.   French Lick Resort (Dye), 513 yard 5th hole (French Lick, IN)
  6.   Trump National Los Angeles, 513 yard 5th hole (Rancho Palos Verdes, CA)
18th hole at Pronghorn Golf Club (Fazio) (Bend, OR)
18th hole at Pronghorn Golf Club (Fazio) (Bend, OR)

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